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Arbor: a structure used to frame an entrance or gateway

Pergola: A room without walls

Garden Arbor Uses

Entry garden arbor:

Many arbors are used for a entry to a outdoor room, a transition from one area to another or if you have a large yard with lots of trees and paths this would make a great entrance to it.

Destination Point Arbor:

By adding a swing or a bench to the arbor you could make it an inviting destination at the end of a pathway.

Focal Point Arbor:

Using an arbor as a focal point gives you endless possibilities. Not only from the style and material you have chosen, but also by the placement within your landscape.


Square Pergola with a swing

Square Pergola with a swing


Entry Arbor

Entry Arbor


Seating Arbor

Seating Arbor as a focal point in a yard


Triangle Pergola

Triangle Pergola


Leaf shaped Arbor

Leaf Shaped Arbor

Formal Arbor in Mahogany

Formal Arbor in Mahogany

Gate with an Arbora

Gate with an Arbor

Entry Arbor at the front of a house

Entry Arbor at the front of a house

Winter Pergols

Winter Pergola


The location of a Pergola is very important when choosing a pergola design or plan for your backyard. The two most common locations for a pergola is attached to your house or used as an outdoor room away from your home. You can also add a pergola to a large deck or patio, next to a swimming pool or build a pergola over a hot tub.

You could also design your pergola to be used as an entry to a large area in your backyard or build one to be used as a transition from one outdoor room to another. Remember that pergolas are nothing more than a large arbor, built to provide some shade, be an open and airy outdoor room and often used to support climbing plants such as vines and roses.

Another thing to consider in your pergola design is the sun. Depending on how you place your top beams, you will create either more or less shadows and shade.

Wood is the the most common material used, with cedar or Mahogany being the preferred. Pergolas can also be constructed out of vinyl, steel and aluminum.

Attached Pergola
If attached to your house the pergola design you choose along with the materials should be appropriate in size to your home and compliment it. Try to incorporate some of the same colors and materials that is used in your home into your pergola.

Pergola as a Focal Point
Pergolas are great for focal points in the backyard. The backyard pergola can be a cheaper alternative than a building gazebo and much easier to build.

By installing a stone floor, adding built in seating, or a table and chairs, permanent planters, flower containers and some outdoor lighting you will have created a great outdoor room.

Vines and climbing plants will soften the look of the pergola and makes it more inviting.

Do to the size of pergolas versus arbors the pergola will be your main focal point in most backyards keep this in mind when doing your backyard design.




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